Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Salmonella-Coated Tomatoes

Just about everyone knows that the majority of our vegetables in winter comes from Mexico.  After the most recent CDC announcement and having battled my own version of Montezuma's Revenge, I KNOW that a bacterial-laden Beefmaster will probably kill me.  Searching the internet, most naturalists have stated that soaking tomatoes in a watered-down form of vinegar and salt removes most of the bacteria.  Nothing works on lettuce, though.  Mexico's water/fertilization is based on human waste and so far, these specifically fertilized tomatoes haven't affected anyone in Michigan (yet).   

I can't hold out until Michigan's tomato season has arrived.  I spend the extra money for organic tomatoes these days (and you can probably hear me bitching about it all the way out the grocer's door!).

Still, if you find yourself in the unlucky position.... oh nevermind.  See below post regarding Montezuma's Chocolate.

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