Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tomatoes and Pumpkins

My tomatoes look sick too. The tomatoes in the raised beds look great.
Two more pumpkins have pollenated. I used a cutip to try and pollenate some more. LOL!


Linda said...

I honestly believe we have a serious bee problem here. I've seen the drones flying around but only one bee actually buzzing around pollinating.

I have one small beginning of a pumpkin bulb and that's it. I also have some type of animal in my yard that actually has been eating tomatoes. I'm thinking it's our hedgehogs or a skunk. Do they eat tomatoes? We have lots of bunnies this year so the Coyote isn't in town lately.

My tomatoes are in a raised bed so I don't know why this stuff is infecting my plants. Next year I'm planting them on the side of my house which is where I should have planted them in the first place! That area always gave me massive plants. This is the second year I've planted in the yard and they're just not doing well in this location.

I have to find some cue-tips.

cub said...

I was told that the when you see what looks like a small pumpkin thats the female flower. That's the part that needs pollinating. Check early in the morning and all of the flowers are wide open. Thats what happened the past couple of mornings, easy access. LOL!

Linda said...

You're the Sperminator!