Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nice Harvest

The first okra to be picked, Three types of potatoe, Green and yellow beans, Red onions, First tomatoe and Carrots


Linda said...

Wow, Cub! I'm just getting tomatoes and cukes (leftovers that the raccoons allow me to have). Your potatoes look great! They never grow for me so I gave up a couple years ago. My carrots always look deformed, too.

Will you be eating that long hot pepper? I know you will. LOL!

I've been shopping school supplies and looking for bargains. With three kids, supplies came to over $160!

Run for Governor. This is bullshit!

cub said...

Two neighbors got the rest of the potatoes. There was almost five pounds in that little patch.
The green beans need to be picked more often. There were more sprouts this morning.
Next year I will put the rooting vegies in a bed. Maybe we will get some bigger onions and carrots.
And, NO! I won't have any parts of that pepper. You can have them. LOL!