Sunday, August 10, 2008

Reading Night Review!

Review of Reading Night from PlymouthRes at (aka The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit!)

Last night was interesting in the fact that despite the rain, there were about a dozen or so kids who showed up to the Garden for the reading!  We had a few new forumer's there as Scs100, Dad and mom, along with Crystal and her husband, Ken and Harriet, all showed up to lend their support!

As Cub said above, we had a new reader, Scs' dad, and the kids showed their appreciation by sitting through another two chapters of Harry Potter despite the on and off again rain.  The rainbows finally did us in at the end as the children were all drawn to their beauty!

The movie was Star Wars I and was attended by the adults, who hung in to the end!  It was a nice ending to a very cool night, and, despite the rain, we were able to generate some heat with a small fire in the firepit, which helped to take the edge off the dampness.

Finally, I would really like to thank Crystal and her husband for their effort to contribute to Reading Night, the cookies and milk, and the support that they have provided by being there.  They live much further out than we do and have at least a half hour to 45 minute drive just to get there, yet they have been out twice (that I know of) to support the effort.  A big thank you to Scs and family, as their support lends credibility to our effort as well and makes the Garden a true place where all can gather, not just the neighborhood.

I would encourage anyone who wants to experience the joy of watching children (and adults!) learn to come out and participate in the reading/movie night-it is a very rewarding experience in many facets, indeed!  We will not let rain or any type of inclement weather deter us from our mission, and the dedication of the kids will always keep us coming back.  If they can make it, so can we!

Next week will be Chapters 6 and 7, and we will be finishing the book soon, which will be followed by the movie itself!

You do not have to bring anything, but I guarantee that you will walk away from the experience with something!

See you at the Garden!

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