Thursday, August 21, 2008

Scrappers Hit Historical Landmark

One of the most beautiful and treasured churches in Detroit has been hit by the lowest of humanity; scrappers.  Slowly they are destroying Detroit's beautiful, old buildings.  This is my family's ancestral church, St. Albertus.  It will cost $10,000 to replace the copper stripped from the roof.  I've just read that there's a scrap yard not far from Poletown.  I'm wondering how the owners of a scrap yard could consciously take copper knowing some slob with a shopping cart or pieced together old pick up truck could locate (haphazardly?) large strips of aged copper?  The last time I was there, I asked where the ornate iron that was on the front of the doors went (the outline is still there).  Stolen.  Now what scrap yard in Detroit doesn't know that ornate iron doesn't lay in the street or a field?

If St. Albertus was your ancestor's spiritual home or you just appreciate this beautiful, old church, donations can be made to:

4231 St. Aubin
Detroit, MI 48207

I donate whenever I can.  Even though it is now closed, it is owned by PAHSA, not the Archdiocese - it still conducts Mass, baptisms, funerals and marriage ceremonies.  From donations of time and money, those descended from the original parishoners have managed to have a new boiler installed (35k plus!), interior maintenance (on-going), festivals, ground maintenance, etc.  The families have kept this church alive.  This church was the heart and soul of Poletown.  If you can donate, even $5, it will help.


PS:  If you own a pellet gun and see a scrapper stealing from this church, shoot him in the ass.  Your ancestors will thank you later.

Photos by Mortalman of DetroitYes

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