Thursday, March 26, 2009

GSCC Featured in TIME Magazine!

Great news! The GSCC was featured in a TIME magazine article about the revitalization of Detroit. The online version is live now:,9171,1887864,00.html
and the print version hits the newstands tomorrow!

Thanks to TIME Magazine for featuring us and to our friends at and for recommending the GSCC to TIME as a positive, uplifting example of the good things happening in Detroit!


Anonymous said...

You guys are doing a GREAT job! Keep up the wonderful work! Who knows, maybe GSCC and G-Ru can somehow partner in the future!

Anonymous said...

Great news Cub!!! This is very inspiring.

Beth said...

I was just reading the article in Time that mentioned your organization and was pleased to find you online. You are doing a wonderful thing--keep up the great work!

South Bend, Indiana

Anonymous said...

Nice to see greenery..Thanks for that..

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Anonymous said...


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