Wednesday, August 26, 2009


We Need Your Help


We have been contacted by the Capuchin Food Kitchen and requested to include some children in their group into our BackPack Giveaway. It was always our wish to expand our services outside the immediate Georgia Street neighborhood, so we have agreed to add 45 children (only a small portion of what is needed) to our Giveaway.

This is going to stretch our budget to its limits, but the need is too great to turn them away. So again, we have to ask for assistance from our internet friends. We are now planning on providing a minimum of 70 backpacks, along with a cookout for everyone.

Since time is so short, we ask that you send in a cash donation if you can, rather than actually purchasing items. We have to get these backpacks assembled as soon as possible, so we are going to finish the shopping today. Any items donated should be delivered to 9352 Georgia Street no later than Friday afternoon. We will begin the assembly on Saturday morning.

Again, we know that times are tough for many people. We hope you can find it in your hearts and budgets to help us out with even $1 or $2. Anything will help. We thank those who have given so generously so far. The response has been great...down to small children who are taking up collections to contribute to our cause.

We are giving away books at the BackPack Giveaway on Sunday, so you can drop those off anytime before then.

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