Monday, June 21, 2010

Funeral Arrangements For Demonte Thomas


Tuesday June 22, 2010 12:00pm - 7:00pm
Andrew & Hardy Funeral Home
13841 Gratiot just north of McNichols


Wednesday June 23, 2010
Brown's Chapel Missionary BC
12920 E. Warren Ave. at Dickerson

Family Hour 12:00pm

Funeral 12:30pm


Precious from Bessemore said...

I knew DeMonte personally. We became neighbors when Nortown first began building the new homes back in 2004. He was a bright, energetic and handsome young man who loved his family. Since this tradgedy took place, I have been back to the neighborhood to offer my condolences to his family. It seems as if the violence never ends. Within the last year, I've seen 3 young lives, of whom I personally knew, all end too soon. The violence has to stop, it senseless, painful and is destroying or communities as well as our families. Once again, we will have another fatherless young child. Lord keep the family and give them an abudance of strength, so that they can get thru this painful experience.

Ashley said...

I also knew Monte very personally. We have been dating for the past 6 months. The day he was killed felt like just another day. I woke up with a text saying good morning baby.. At 3:45pm he called me. He told me to get all dolled up because we were going to the movies, and that he was going to go get his hair lined up. And to call him when i was on my way. Exactly 52 minutes later i called him. But he didn't answer. So i called again. No answer. Two minutes later one of our friends called me. Asking were i was at. I told them that i was on my way to the city why whats up. He told me i need to get down there Monte is dead. I dint believe him so i called his cousin. He told me the same thing. i sped all the way down there on 94. Once i got there i saw sooo many people in the streets and yellow tape. I ran over to were his family was standing at...I started to blow up his phone, but still no answer. And once i saw that his mom crying my knees buckled and i fell to the ground. I couldn't stop love was gone..
Monte loved everyone. He loved his community. He loved life. But now he is gone because of some stupid person. I cant even look at pictures of him because i cry..I cant even look at his daughter without crying because they are twins.
Growing up i was told that you should never hate someone but after what this person did to my baby, I HATE them with a passion.

Delron said...

When my bro died, a part of me died as well. Thats all i have 2 say cuz im so hurt and my life will never be the same without him.......

Sharky said...

Monte is truly truly missed... Its been almost a year and I still miss him jus like it was yesterday... I met him about 2yrs ago, him and his family and fell in love with them all!! I truly pray for his friends and family everyday cuz he was BESSEMORE!! The block isnt even the same since hes been gone but we cant stay weeping and feeling sorry... we're one step closer to gettin that son of a bit** and justice will be truly served!! I LOVE YOU MONTE.... ALWAYS AND FOREVER BOOKIE!!!