Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mt. Olivet Street Garden - Detroit

This is the Mt. Olivet Street Garden in Detroit.  It's not far from Cub's home.  I think it's just beautiful.  Everything is used to make a garden so it's whimsical.  They're the best kind.  Plus, it's down the street from Mt. Olivet Cemetery.  One of my favorite places to visit...lots of interesting dead people there.

There are gardens all over Detroit.  I just have to be able to afford the fuel to get to them all.  Detroit isn't just downtown.  The place is massive.

Some beds are empty but most are loaded.  This is a wonderful garden.  Hope to meet the owners in the future.

...everything's painted so it's bright and adds to the neighborhood.  Across the street is an empty field.  Perhaps someday they'll fill the fields with veggies there, too.

All the tires are filled with fruit trees.  Cub told me that they made the raised beds because the ground tested positive for lead.  There's actually a long row of trees lining the curb and they're doing really well.  Next year they should be loaded with fruit.

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