Saturday, August 30, 2008

Reading Night at the Garden

The Cubster and (I'll keep her name private).  This was a really fun night talking with Cub and PlymouthRes and Mrs. Res.  I enjoyed it.  Not having to talk about Mary Poppins and Sponge Bob brings me back to life.  Politics are not allowed in the Garden.  There are some heavy-duty Obama supporters there and I respect that.  Plus, I think I'm out-numbered.

Mrs. Cub makes the best hotdogs.  I even ate the buns.  This means walking 15 miles to keep those buns off my back!  I made sure to bring an extra batch of cupcakes.  All the kids are extremely polite with "Yes, ma'am" and "thank you".  Who couldn't give respect back for that?  These are some great kids.

The Movie was "Are We There Yet?"  I've seen it before.  The lead character reminds me of Cub.  The grown-ups got to sit around and yap while all the kids were engrossed with the movie.

Cub's tomato plants at dusk.  I have to look through my files for PlymouthRes reading to the group and will get them up in the morning.  Had a really nice, somewhat outrageous talk with Mr. & Mrs. Res and Cub.   Hoping to get to know all of them as time goes by.  The question?  What do we all do in the winter?


cub said...

Just to let everyone know, Mrs. Cub is my Mom. LOL!!!

Linda said...

OMG! I meant Mama Cub. I'm a twit.