Wednesday, July 23, 2008

About Georgia Street's New Reading Program

From PlymouthRes at

After a bit of discussion, Cub and I decided that we would be starting the reading Saturday night at 6:00 pm SHARP.  It appears Cub's mom is in on it now, too, as she is making flyers!

Cub says that the ages of these kids will be between 8 and 14, so I guess I'm a bit torn as to what I should start with.  For the younger kids, my best guess and first call is some of the Dr. Suess stuff or Teddy Ruxpin series (which I just happen to have from my kids!), followed by something a bit more interesting for the older kids, perhaps something like "I Know Now Why the Caged Bird Sings", "Still I Rise" or "Journey Now" by Maya Angelou or some "Classic Slave Narratives, the life of Mary Prince".

I was even thinking that if it expanded in age a bit, we might try some of the more "deep" authors that I have read, perhaps Lanston Huges or WEB DuBois even.  There are also works by Julius Lester, Jerry Pinkney, James Weldon Johnson, Rosa Guy and many, many others that would be a bit more directly informative and hold their attention as well.

MrsRes gathered all of the kids books that we have and there are a broad range of authors and subjects, over a dozen!  These books will be available to "borrow" so that the reading night can continue after we have gone, and hopefully it will instill some of the urgency that we hope to depart in an effort to extend the gift of literacy to the neighborhood as a whole.

If anyone has any children's books that they would like to donate to the program, feel free to contact Cub or PlymouthRes and make a donation.  Remember, books sitting around gathering dust do nothing to stimulate the mind.  It is only when they are put to use that their value comes out!


Anyway, after the reading, at about 7:30 or 8, there will be one, if not two, pretty recent first run movies shown at the Garden, making it a night for everyone to enjoy, with a bit of learning for the kids first.  While the reading is going on, perhaps some of the adults that wish to attend would like to check-out the Garden, as it is in full bloom now and with the advent of Garden II, there should be plenty to see!

We are very excited at this new opportunity and approach it with great enthusiasm.  Hopefully many of you will see it the same way and come down and support the effort and movie night!


Michael McClung said...

Hi there,

Is this program aimed more at getting the kids interested in reading, or in bolstering their reading abiity?

If it's the latter, I can bring along a few sets of materials from a literacy program I have experience with when I'm in town next month. Just let me know.


cub said...

It's both. We are looking to start a tutoring program as well so any help will be grately appreciated. Thank You!

Michael McClung said...

Great. I'll get in touch when I'm in town. I'll need to explain to someone how to use the materials (dos and don'ts when working with the kids, for best results).