Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Georgia Street Update!

I stopped by to see Cub today.  I decided to take a quicker route and ended up lost.  I usually take either the expressway (which was blocked) or Eight Mile.  To save gas, I took the expressway.  Wrong.   I was sent all over the place and ended up at McDougall and Ferry.  This was fine.  I found a building that once belonged to my great grandfather.  My usual route is to cut through Poletown.  I don't have to.  I just like the place.  I gravitate to it.  When I finished cussing out Wayne County's road commission, I was calm enough to locate Georgia Street again and then lost it when I saw that Cub had put up a big American flag.  I think I hit his curb.

So here's Cub.  Handsome guy, huh?  Girls, he's single.  If I were, I'd date him in heartbeat.  Anyone with a heart like that, you don't let 'em get away.  They're too rare and you know what schlumps men can be (Sorry, guys.  I've dated duds).  Had a good talk and walked around a bit.  Cub introduced me to the "Ground Cherry".  Never heard of it before but apparently these are annual, low-growing little things that are wrapped in something similar to a tomatillo.  Cub found a ripe one for me and I swear, it was like eating a tomato wrapped in butter.  I've never tasted anything like it before.  Next year, I'm planting a bunch of them, if I can find them.  They're delicious!
Django's "Rock Thang" in the garden's center.  Nice place for an herb garden.  I'd like to help diagram it out next year, if Cub will let me.  Perhaps some miniature boxwoods to circle it? (And a bronze plaque that says "Covington Gardens")

Cub has lots of greens and cabbages - even hot peppers (took a few home to roast on the grill).

Cub's cukes and squash.  

You know, every time I show up here, clouds come in.  In spite of the rain, I have to say, this is an active neighborhood.  There are children everywhere, people wave and smile or stop in the garden for conversation.  There is something very special about this place.  I can't put my finger on it.  Every time I leave, I leave with a good feeling.

Next year, my gift to Cub is as much organic corn gluten as he wants.  Kills the weeds when you till in Spring.  Weeding alone is a pain in the butt.


teddymac said...


I live in Windsor and seldom cross the border these days, so it's great to see your pictures of the garden and your views on it.

Keep it up!


Linda said...


Hopefully Cub will be posting soon, too.