Thursday, July 10, 2008

More News On Detroit's Urban Gardening

Well, I was going to write about Detroit's organization called Urban Farming but reading a bit further, I'm finding that Taja Sevelle, who is president of this organization (and used to sing for her supper), is not allowed by the City of Detroit to buy vacant land to make compost available to other urban gardeners within the City.  Because of this, she will not make compost available to any more "new" gardeners.  I'd call this punishment on the people of Detroit because of City politics.  

A vicious circle all the way around.  

At the same time, she has enough PR with Atlantic Records and sponsorship by Prince that it seems only her efforts are acknowledged publicly.  There are literally hundreds of gardens in Detroit that have no publicity and are one or two people plowing vacant lots as hard as concrete to feed neighborhoods while she bitches about the City not selling her land.  Wouldn't it be great if others working land could afford the $200 per lot like Taja can?  Cry me a river, Taja.

Maybe Prince can pitch a clue to Kwame that compost doesn't attract rodents?  Wait, Kwame is a rodent.  


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