Saturday, May 31, 2008

Descendants of the Parishoners of St. Albertus

On Sunday, June 1st at 11:00 a.m. begins mass. Afterward there will be a presentation regarding the history of Chene Street. All are invited but this is to alert those who attended or are descended from the original parishoners of St. Albertus. I've spent a good part of my day taking photos inside and out, sitting where my ancestors said their prayers, breathing in 130-plus years. The love ancestors placed in their homes of worship can be overwhelming and inspiring, and if nothing more, humbling (considering that most in Poletown had very little). This is the church they walked to - sometimes twice per day - just to say a quick prayer.

I'll be posting more shortly on St. Albertus and its history. If this was your ancestral spiritual home, please come. If your family didn't attend and you just like Detroit history, this is the place to be!

Also, if you or your family members have old photographs of Poletown, St. Albertus would love to have copies to display. It is an on-going effort to show what Poletown looked like over the years. Your photos will be returned to you.

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