Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Prairie Gardens of Detroit

A few photographs I found from the wonderful corinesmith.com. Taken in Detroit, she showcases prairie-lands. Photographs of changing scenery in Detroit are hard to find so I usually enter keywords on Google and then switch to the "Images" tab. I couldn't have found Corine's site with just a general search.

What if all prairie neighborhoods in Detroit began to grow gardens? There would be no hunger. Detroit as it used to be, 100 years ago. Pingree's Potato Patch comes alive (and Kwame can't claim credit for any of it)! Personally, I find vegetable gardens surrounded by prairie land much more beautiful and inviting than urban sprawl.

The beauty of Detroit is in Its people. To say that Detroit is a dying city is ignorance. Prairies are a good thing for Detroit. Wild life returns, trees and flowers grow everywhere and people learn to re-use the land.

Now if Detroit would just lower its property taxes and the State actually GAVE all that Lotto dough to the public school system (and cleared out the corrupt school board) I'd move back in a heartbeat. In the meantime, Granholm is a slow-moving putz.

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