Saturday, May 31, 2008

Oldest St. Albertus Parishoner

Auguste was originally born Augusta J. Lesnau on June 8, 1882. I'll have to check for her parents' names but she was born in Germany. From the census, she states she was born in the U.S. but her passport application states she was going abroad to visit her parents.

She first married August Budnik, son of August Budnik. They had seven children together; George, August, Anna Theresa, Mary, Helen, and Edward. August died in 1915 and is buried in the Budnik plot at Mt. Olivet. Augusta then married Joseph Goike (previously married to Augusta Sirocke, who died during the 1918 flu epidemic). They had three children together; Anthony, Raymond and Eva. Joseph Goike was the son of John August Goike and Julia Socha. I was in contact with Auguste's son a few years ago. He was moving from Gross Pte. to Florida but he was kind enough to send photographs of his father and mother to me when they were young. I'll have to look them up. In the meantime, I did locate Augusta Lesnau Budnik Goike's passport application (Click on photo, right side of first page, left side of second page). She is holding her son, Raymond in 1922 and heading to Europe.

Auguste Budnik Goike died in 1979 and is buried in the Budnik family plot of Mt. Olivet. She attended St. Albertus since her arrival in Detroit (I'll have to check manifests to see who she was coming to in Detroit).

(Note the ornate door fixtures on St. Albertus. These have either been purposely removed to save them from strippers or stolen. Their outline is still there to this day.)

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