Saturday, August 9, 2008

Reading and Movie Night in the Garden

Tonight, 7:00 pm

Crystal and family will be bringing cookies

Four New Raised Beds

Someone dropped of some peppers. A number of different varieties. Chili,Wax,Habenero.
There is also some more cabbage, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, brusell sprouts, and collards.
I hope to get at least four more beds by next week.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Forgot Reading Night!

Sorry, everyone.  I forgot to post about Reading Night tonight at the garden, which has already started!  I've been extremely tired as birthday parties start to gather speed now that we're heading toward Fall.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nice Harvest

The first okra to be picked, Three types of potatoe, Green and yellow beans, Red onions, First tomatoe and Carrots

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Whats in a Title?

Sorry I forgot them.

Found out his name is Charles. Very good kid. Definately one to keep an eye on.
We had a great turn again!
The kids came to the garden together in one group and fashionably late.
We had hot dogs, chips, cookies, and punch.
The movie was National Treasure II.

Review of Georgia Street's 2nd Reading Night

I couldn't attend last night.  I was too busy having a major melt-down over politics.  I flip out sometimes.

PlymouthRes, from has given his review of the second book reading.

To all-

We had about 15 kids again last night and Rel helped with the reading.  We were able to get through THREE chapters between her and I and the kids were certainly well behaved and attentive the entire time!  Mr. Gannon (Dear Gannon, can't wait to meet you!) showed up and took some very reflective pictures of the children absolutely riveted to the reading.  Many thanks go out to him for the help with the movie projector that had been troubling Cub over the past few weeks.  Gannon had it fixed pretty quickly and the movie (National Treasure II) was an awesome ending to a great night.

Many thanks to Blueidone and hubby who stopped by to lend their support and donate some books to this very worthy cause.  Many thanks to Momma Cub and Cub for the food that they provided to everyone.

I must say, the Garden, in my mind, is more of a family picnic night than an education experience and I have met some very interesting people and some very devoted children who continually show up to listen and learn.  An entire block of kids shows up together on a regular basis, which gives us tremendous strength to go forward.  The amount of adults that come for the reading is astounding to me and it tells me that they are as dedicated to this effort as we are.

I personally believe that this is the start of bridging the chasms that separate us and a chance of a lifetime for those of us who have to help out those of us who don't have.  It is also an excellent opportunity to give the youth of the City of Detroit a fighting chance to learn things that help them to reach their dreams and desires.

The next reading night will be next Saturday at 7:00pm and it should be another big draw night as we get into Chapter Five of the Harry Potter book that we have been reading.  Perhaps we will be showing the first Harry Potter movie soon to accompany the reading so stay tuned for the announcement of that!

I urge those of you who have thought about coming down to do so on Saturday night and witness the goings on at the Garden!   You will be amazed at the happenings there.  Please come out and show your support as there is awesome power in numbers.

See you at the Garden!

I'm sure Cub will post photos later.  If not, I'm sure Gannon will upload them somewhere and I'll snag them.