Sunday, February 15, 2009

Let's Get to Work!

Thanks to all who supported the GSCC for our Super Bowl party! It was quite an unique way to watch the big game and see the community come out in force. It was cute - Mr. Boyd, the 80-years-young gentleman who lives across the street from the garden, came out to see what was going on. "I looked out my window and saw all of this," he said. "I had to come over and see what was going on! I never saw anything like this in the neighborhood!" Imagine that. It's February, 30 degrees and there's a huge bonfire, 18-ft big screen tv, 2 tents and about 40-50 people celebrating in the snowy garden. And just think, next year will be bigger and better!

Another way we can make the garden bigger and better is by preparing NOW to get the garden ready for the spring. This task isn't for everyone, though. So, if you're willing to help, we appreciate it! We need your trash. Well, some of it. Here's what is going on.

Even though it’s cold & snowy outside, you can still get ready for planting! All you need is a can/bucket with a lid and you’re ready! We need compost (items that disintegrate easily to create good soil) for the gardens this spring.

Bring all donations to the Georgia Street Community Garden at the corner of Vinton and Georgia. There are wooden bins to the right of the big movie screen by the chain link fence. Drop it off and watch your trash turn into healthy fruits and vegetables this summer!

Materials TO Compost
Ashes, wood, bark, shredded cardboard and newspaper, fruit waste, leaves, peanut shells, peat moss, pine needles, sawdust, straw, shredded stems and twigs, vegetable stalks, coffee grounds, food waste, garden waste, grass clippings and vegetable scraps

Materials NOT to Compost
Meat scraps, fatty food wastes, milk products, bones, diseased plants, treated wood, pet or human waste, ivy, and other weeds

Got questions? Email us and we'll help. Thanks and we'll keep you updated on upcoming events at the garden!