Saturday, November 24, 2012

GSCC's 5th Annual Holiday Dinner

GSCC's 5th Annual Holiday Dinner
December 15, 2012 4:pm to 6:00pm
Donations are being accepted.
Turkeys, Hams, and Money

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Georgia Street Community Collectives

4th Annual Coat Giveaway

Saturday November 10, 2012

1:00pm to 3:00pm


One Per Person


Children Must Be Present


Corner Of Georgia Street


FREE Coat Giveaway
                                          DONATIONS ARE STILL BEING ACCEPTED

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Back To School Giveaway Donation Drive

We are starting a little early this year because we want to add somethings to our giveaway event. We had to cancel/postpone our street fair this year. So my thought was to combine the two events. We are in need of Cash, Back Packs and School Supplies.

Backpacks (new and gently used)
Three Ring Binders
Spiral Notebooks
Composition Notebooks
Pencil Sharpeners
Loose Leaf Paper
Colored Markers
Colored Pencils
Pocket Folders
Pencil Cases

Thank You In Advance!!!!

2012 Garden
The soil is better every year!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Editions To The Community Center Farm

The ducks: Three Malards and two Jumbo Pekins.
Cozy our male goat was attacked by two female pitbulls on January 4th, 2012 but survived eleven days before passing away. He got Comfy pregnant in September and in March she had a baby boy Cozy Jr.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Help GSCC Build A Race Car Track While Cleaning Up Blight

From DetroitLives!

I am really excited to announce a huge project we are undertaking with the folks at the Goergia Street Community Garden. The basics: With all proceeds from the screening of After the Factory on March 22 at the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak, we are initiating a neighborhood project on a vacant lot at the Georgia Street Community Garden. We want to use the film as a tool to create real growth and to go beyond just talking about the good things happening. We want it to be a crucial part of the movement, too.

So, a neighborhood project? We are building a remote control race car track. There I said it. I couldn’t help it. But wait, a remote control race car track? Let me explain.

The idea is to create an attraction, something that kids are curious about and want to take part in. After all, there are no remote control race car tracks in the city of Detroit, so it will also be something very unique to them and their neighborhood. Once the track is constructed, kids will have a variety of ways in which they can earn car time– they can volunteer in the GSCC media center, they could help tutor a fellow neighbor with their math homework, they could volunteer with Mark in the garden, take part in the up and coming youth garden market, or a variety of other things. But the point is this: once they have put a little work in, they are rewarded with some good old fashioned fun at the track where they can race cars and have a good time on space that was previously derelict. But it goes significantly further than that. With enough interest we can run classes that show kids how to build their own car, and perhaps some become interested in circuitry, engineering or product design. Then the universities step in to help make that vision possible with some partial or full scholarships. But here’s the main point: we’re taking dirt, a vacant lot, some extra materials and creating a very unique form of community engagement that is easily scaled up and emulated by others.

So! Who is WE? Well, obviously Mark Covington and the folks in the vicinity of Georgia Street Community Garden, then us here at DETROIT LIVES! and the film, but we’re looping in Patrick Thompson from Patrick Thompson Design to help really steer an innovative design process that involves kids and neighbors at the front end of designing this thing (learn about Patrick in a recent short film we did on him here).

Last item: We really need your help. Please buy your tickets for the screening on March 22 and support this endeavor. The more people that come, the closer we get to reaching our mark of raising at least $3,000 for this effort. If you cannot come to the screening, please tell your friends to come through Facebook and Twitter. So, get ready, we think this is going to be a really exciting forward movement for the folks on Georgia Street, but hopefully pave the way to creatively thinking about some new forms of neighborhood engagement. Onward.

Copy and paste the link to buy a ticket or two or three!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

4th Annual GSCC Easter Egg Hunt and Brunch With The Easter Bunny

Hoppity, Hoppity, Hoppity, Hop!!!!!

Here he comes again. The Easter Bunny is back at the Georgia Street Community Center!!!!!!!

Saturday April 7, 2012

12:00pm to 3:00pm

Easter Egg hunt Starts At 12:15pm Sharp

Easter Egg Hunt, Brunch , Goody Bag, and a Picture!!!

$6.00 per child

$8.00 per adult (meal and picture)

Plus Special Prizes

Brunch Includes


Bring A Basket Or A Bag

Friday, January 13, 2012

Information On Winter Emergency Preparedness

GSCC is partnering with Wayne State University on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day to Give information on Winter Emergency Preparedness. Refreshments and a Movie (Captain America). Monday January 16, 2012 from 10am to 1pm 8902 Vinton St at the corner of Georgia St.