Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Other Two Gardens for 2009

Spring is just a few weeks away (yay!) and we're all very excited to get out and begin work on our Gardens! Yes, gardens! We have three gardens and an orchard this year on 10 city lots.

Below, Cub introduced our newest garden, Holcomb Street Community Garden (Sapphire). But where are the other two?

We have the Georgia St Community Garden, the Diamond Garden, which is located at the corner of Georgia St. and Vinton St. across from the future Community Center and Market. It is our diamond since it is the first garden and where we will be hosting many events this year. It features hundreds of plants in the ground, 18 raised beds, a hoop house for year-round growing, a huge movie screen for viewing films/major sporting events, and a wonderful rock sculpture by our friend Django. The orchard is located across the street from the Diamond Garden and center.

The Georgia St Community Garden II, (Ruby), our smallest garden (only 1 lot) and is located on the corner of McClellan and Georgia Streets.

We decided to name the gardens since all three of our gardens are on Georgia St and it would sound better to call them by a proper name rather than "The garden at Vinton and Georgia." Since these are our hidden gems in the city, we came up with these names. As we grow in the months and years to come, the next ones will have names like Emerald, Topaz, Amethyst, etc. Hopefully we'll soon have beautiful new signs with the names so they're easy to find.