Saturday, December 21, 2019

Georgia Street Community Collective 2019 A Year in Review And Looking Forward To 2020

As we bring this year 2019 to a close, I wanted to give thanks to everyone who has supported GSCC. No matter if it was money, sharing events, volunteering/community service, or prayers, it may seem small to you but its huge to me. I couldn’t do any of our programs without you.

  This year was our 12th growing season with the garden and farm and 11th as an organization. We had the most growth and expansion this year. If you haven’t been here in a year or two, I would love to invite you for a visit this spring or summer! A LOT has changed!!!

   2020 we are planning a dinner on the farm. Stay tuned for more info (it will be a fundraiser; I guarantee some of the best food strait from the garden/farm).

  We will continue our commitment to returning/keeping our neighborhood as a place where it is safe and healthy for all. A couple more beautification projects are planned for 2020 with flower gardens and hopefully rehabbing a house or two.

Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!!!

Yours In Service, Friendship, And Love

Mark Covington

Founder/ Director