Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Help Me Help A Family I Love

A lifelong member of our neighborhood was shot and killed on Monday, June 14,2010.
He was 23 years old and getting set to go visit his 2 year old daughter out of state.
Demonte Thomas was an awsome neighbor. He was in the garden more than I was. I would either get a call or a knock at the door if someone was in the garden or getting compost or woodchips out of the piles. I remember this fun loving, silly kid running up and down the street playing with the neighbor next door. His mom and her sisters babysat for my brothers and I. We grew up playing with his uncle, who was our first friend that we remember. I know this type of thing happens all across the country now, but this young man was not caught up in the thug life. He wanted to raise his daughter and be the best man he could be. Monte loved our neighbors and neighborhood. I can't express the numbness in the area right now. This is a tragic end to a bright future. It makes me want to give up but I know I can not. He wouldn't want me too, and we have so many little ones to help. But the family needs our help. Help GSCC help the family. Help me help a stand out family in the community. Demonte didn't have any insurance and they need help with funeral expenses. Please if you never give for the GSCC please give to this cause. Click the donate button and type Demonte Thomas in the comment section. I promise on everything we have accomplished and love, all of the money will get to the family.

Thank You In Advance For your Kindness
Mark Covington

R.I.P. Monte!!!