Saturday, March 11, 2017


Hello!! I want to take this blog in a new direction. I am going to try to BLOG more often. And make this blog more informational for all things COMMUNITY. There will still be things about GSCC, Urban Gardening and Farming, Bee Keeping, and other thoughts and information.

And Here it begins.......

 I have been thinking about a lot of things lately. Two weeks in a row parts of the city of Detroit has had some type of infrastructure malfunction. First the boil water alert and then the power outages do to high winds. The boil water alert was for three days and the power outages for some four days and counting........And we were not prepared!!! Not as a community by any means. I have not seen any politicians (Detroit City Government) come out and make a statement other than the normal emails about using generators safely and opening up warming centers. Have they forgotten this is an election year? I will be reminding everyone of this come election day.

It takes a village!!!! We need emergency preparedness. I want to start with our own warming centers and power stations. A house or two, a church, a building that can have solar and wind power for disasters, yes disasters, food and water. A place when its cold to come and get warm without having to leave their neighborhood. These places can also be used as community centers to help inform whats going on all the time. Of course this will take money. It can also be a way to kick start some needed revitalization in neighborhoods.

It's time for us to come together Detroit! Get prepared for anything that comes up. Get involved in the community so you can be informed. Trust me I know its not easy.....but be the better neighbor. Show the knuckleheads how it should be done. Get to know your neighbor(s). Again I know its not easy. We've become so secluded in our homes and you cant let just anyone in but that's the reason we need community centers and spaces. Start a community garden or block club, or get involved in the block club that's already formed. We can do this!!! We are Detroiters!!!

Hopefully as I get more into this there will be some order and not much rambling, so please be patient with me.

Thank You For Reading And Come Back Often!!!

Love To Everyone,

Mark "Cub" Covington