Sunday, June 22, 2008

Corine Smith Photography

Perhaps it's just me, but every time I look at Corine's photographs, I don't think I see what the rest of the country sees in Detroit.  I see land becoming prairie and spreading.  Old homes being knocked down and re-claimed by nature - I'm sorry but I happen to think it's becoming naturally beautiful - and I think Corine has captured that face of Detroit.  If this spreads, and I think it will, Detroit will once again look as it did 100-plus years ago.  One thing Detroit has going for it - the city is HUGE.  Sidewalks to nowhere become sidewalks that can encircle a garden.  In my view, every abandoned, bull-dozed piece of land has the potential of feeding the whole neighborhood and re-creating a community.  One suburbanite's idea:  Can/will the City of Detroit pay back its citizens (and taxpayers) by creating a department used specifically for plowing land and helping in the creation of community gardens?  Taxpayers (and I am one) would go for this in a heartbeat!  My tax dollars to help Detroit bloom - there's something I'd agree to.  Children love to garden.  Seniors are experienced in just about everything that requires stretching a dollar and there is nothing more beautiful than land.

As captured by Corine Smith at - this is not desolate land.  This is what comes before - and it is gorgeous in its potential to bloom again.


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