Saturday, June 28, 2008


There wasn't too much the kids or I could do today so we decided we'd see a movie.  I cannot recommend more highly the movie, Wall.E.  There is so much love packed into this feature.  The creativity, with regard to machinery interacting with each other and how everything snaps together, is mind-boggling.  I hope NASA pays attention to this one.  There is a very important message in this flick for everyone and anyone to understand.  We ARE destroying the planet.  I won't spoil it for you but it involves waste, robots, air, plants, the million year old cockroach, love, laziness, obesity.  It has a lot to do with gardening, sustainable living, the importance of plant life and teaching children NOT to use the clicker for their tv and instead going out and DOING SOMETHING!

We grabbed dinner afterward and always talk about what we've just watched.  There was applause after the movie!  Remember applauding for a movie?  The soundtrack was beautiful with Peter Gabriel singing the closing song.  Plus, even little children understand the importance given to the Earth in this film.  They picked up on it so quickly that "She needs to be cared for."

That is the message.  The other is how on earth, with everything we've been given to be happy (not that we're put here to be happy), did we became such lazy, miserable, fat people?  

This is a wonderful, thought-provoking movie for all ages.  Don't have kids?  Go by yourself.  It was a joy.

NOTE:  The Ebert & Roper Show has stated that they don't believe the beginning of the film is fast enough to keep a young child's attention.  This is bs.  They also don't think young children are smart enough to follow along with regard to environment or sloth.  I have a seven year old.  Granted, she's a smart seven year old.  Roper obviously believes that our children are as naive as we once were and can't absorb the information.  Roper obviously has ADD and needs to take his Ritalin.

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