Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mini Greenhouses

I mentioned to Cub that Mother Earth News had ads for different sized greenhouses with some starting as low as $299.  I can't find the $299 greenhouse but this one goes for $499 (free shipping!).  Large enough for a tall human being (that would be Cub), it has all the benefits of a high end greenhouse in a compact 4'x4' footprint.  Use it on a balcony, rooftop or in any garden where space is limited (does not apply to Georgia Street Garden!).  Unlike other mini-greenhouses, the Lit'l Propagator is tall enough at 72" for most adults to stand in.  Benches adjust so you can leave more room below for your taller plants.  The benches are even removable, leaving you plenty of space to over-winter container-grown plants, store garden tools, and so much more!  The twin-walled Solexx covering provides insulation and diffused light giving you more months of the year to enjoy gardening.  Found at with many more styles and prices.

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