Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Great Recycling Ideas!

I am a huge fan of anyone who can take throw-aways and turn them into something beautiful.  Little Beach Homestead has wonderful ideas for fencing her garden with re-usable materials.  Old doors as fences.  Who would have thought?  Very cool looking.  She also found an old tool box in her garage and had her husband mount it on their fencing and voila!  Instant eye-candy.

Personally, I'd like to knock down the house next door to mine and use that half-acre as extended farm land and a few farm animals (goats, chickens).  We could have our own neighborhood garden.  Unfortunately, it probably will cost 7-10k to knock down a farm house that's sinking into the ground and one that no one wants to buy.  

Anyone want to buy a sinking old farmhouse on a 1/2 acre that floods every Spring?  40k.

 Bring bulldozer.

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