Saturday, June 28, 2008

Georgia Street Update!

We've had some pretty severe rainstorms over the past few weeks which was probably started by the extreme humidity that came before it.   Cub posted a few photos on his site of the after-effects and we've all been soaked by all the water.  Still, I'm not going to complain.  Considering how the rest of the country is drenched lately and the fact that a friend's home in New Jersey floated away (as she watched), I'm going to count my blessings.  My plants will be fine, but soggy.  Cub's plants will be fine (and could possibly handle a drought for awhile) but mushy.

Except for old, dead trees, everyone's alive and well in the City and suburbs.

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Barbee' said...

OK, I have to stop now. I started with the newest post and have gotten all the way down to here. I am about paralyzed, got to get up and away from this computer! I found you on Blotanical and came over here to read awhile (or did I already tell you that), and read and read and read. Did I enjoy my visit?! You bet I did! Thanks