Thursday, May 22, 2008

A 2007 Detroit Beginning

It's hard to find images of Detroiters where there's a positive image of people actually working to rebuild their city.  It's not that it doesn't happen every day, I'm sure it does, but where is the main stream media focusing on things like this?  Every day someone in Detroit does something good for someone or something good for Detroit.   That should be a daily post in the Free Press or The News.  Positive people.  Every day.

Does anyone know where in Detroit this is and if it was successful?

NOTE:  I've been told by Cub that this group is the Hope Takes Root on Wabash in Detroit.  If you check the link for their name, they've come so far in just one year.  Amazing!


cub said...

I was wrong. This is Hope takes Root Garden at 2389 Wabash its the garden that had to put a rought iron fence around the bee hives because they had been stolen.

Rachel said...

Yes, Hope Takes Root beeyard is alive and well. In fact the beekeepers Barb, Cathy, Laurie, Phyllis and Rachel are rearing Detroit queen bees. If you would like to hear more about this project, please watch our video and then share it with others. If you feel compelled to support this local pollinator effort, please do so within the next 4 days!
Our neighbor Jon Koller, along with volunteers from "Soup at Spaulding", helped Hope Takes Root create a video on the Queen Rearing project at our community garden. Then....they even posted it on "Start some Good"! So, take a peak at what we are doing and contribute if you feel moved!

Many thanks,
Rachel, the HTR beekeepers, and the bees