Thursday, May 22, 2008

Here's Cub!

I stopped by to meet Cub a few days ago and drop off a few plants.  He's showing me the beginnings of his Georgia Street Garden.  Past the stone monument he built there will hopefully be a fruit orchard.  It's still green grass and needs to be plowed.  He's got a few plants growing and he's seen some wildlife returning.  He needs a few strategically placed rain barrels for watering his garden and perhaps a nice person with a tractor and tilling attachment.  I truly would love to see this blossoming into a huge veggie garden and Cub breaking into a sweat being unable to keep up with a HUGE harvest.  He also wants to build a greenhouse to keep plantings going through the winter or at least growing his own plants from seed and keeping costs down.  

Cub told me the name of the church in the background but I've forgotten the name already.  I know St. Joseph was in the title and that it was once a Catholic church but whether it's attached to the original St. Josephat is unknown.  Highly unlikely considering the date of St. Josephat but I'm wondering about St. Joseph's that was not far from St. Albertus and the other two sisters of this three-some, St. Hyacinth and Sweetest Heart of Mary.  

Stop by.  Cub and his family are wonderful, kind people and they'll be happy to show you how far they've gotten.  I'll be seeing them early in the summer and lending a hand.

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