Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Power of One

Cub resides on Georgia Street in Detroit.  Originally, this neighborhood was a working class German/Polish neighborhood.  100 years later, it is prairie fields, burnt or abandoned homes wedged in with hardworking people trying to make ends meet.  Just as the people in this neighborhood did 100 years ago, the past makes an example for those in the present.  DO IT YOURSELF.

So begins the power of one man who was sick of seeing his neighborhood used as a dumping ground.  As Cub begins picking up three lots no longer used, he ropes off the properties and calls it The Georgia Street Community Garden.  Land not used in years is rock hard.  This is going to be tough work for one person but he posts his beginnings on Detroityes. com and people become interested.  

Sections of garden are spaced out but a heavy-duty tiller is still needed.  One man with a rototiller cannot do all of it, though I'm pretty sure Cub will give it his all.  Cub even has the great idea of recycling rubber tubing that original housed cable that was dumped on the curb to use as fencing.  Great idea!

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