Thursday, May 22, 2008

To Begin Again

Let's just say you're one man.  Each parcel of land near your home is 25x100 feet and there are three or four of them.  You're tired of the dumping and the litter.  You know your neighbors are good people but what comes with lack of jobs and money is sometimes depression.  It slows people down.  It makes them believe that nothing good will ever come to them.  Let's just say you're tired of it.  Children have a right to be active and happy and to grow up with a healthy curiosity about the world around them rather than seeing depression over and over again.  But it takes ONE person to start that ball rolling.  Just one.  Eyes are watching from behind curtains.  They're shaking their heads believing it's futile.  But here comes this one man, Cub, with a huge idea.  It starts slowly and seems almost impossible.  But he's a strong man and he's got a lot of faith in himself and good people in the neighborhood.  Like the hard land he's working, the people need just a little bit of a jump start.  They'll see.

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