Thursday, May 22, 2008

Arriving Daily

I can recall about 15 years ago telling my mother that I was renting a tiller and was going to have a huge garden in our back yard.  Both my mother and brother laughed at me.  We lived on a half acre and I was a small person who was determined to have fresh, organic produce even if it killed me!

As my family stood on the side-lines laughing at me wading through muck with a rented rototiller, I knew I'd already won.  Yes, it was hard work and I usually ended up with a migraine from the heat but I continued to plow.  Later I had to put up chicken wire as I watched bunnies go into convulsions at all the free produce being grown.  Every day I was in that garden working.  I even had people stop just to admire all the work I'd done.  And it payed off.  I canned enough tomatoes to feed a small army.  I did that without the help of anyone.  So here's Cub's beginnings on land that hasn't been used in years.  It's a start and others ARE watching.  Including myself, The Amateur Gardner Who Will Not Listen To Anyone.

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