Saturday, May 24, 2008


Located on Newburg Road between Seven and Eight Mile in Livonia is Greenmead. Originally, this was an open, empty field divided by a long wooded spot and more open field that is now a Rugby field. What to do with the leftover land and fill in the area? Community gardens. Livonia residents rent plots for $25, non-residents for $50. Livonia tills the land and for a few years, old vegetation that has been left behind by previous gardeners is tilled under resulting in rich, black soil. Last year a family friend rented a plot and had such a huge harvest that we were invited to take what we needed (rather than what we wanted). Old-timers offer advice to younger gardeners and master gardeners (Asians who have plots further down) offer wooden structures made from small fallen trees and vegetation I've never seen before. Each family working their plot utilizes their own techniques. Some gardeners just plant flowers. Some just cabbage.

So, until Georgia Street's plots take-off, I'm visualizing that they'll look like this by the end of summer.

By the way, Livonia does not water your plants for you. They have spouts further away that one can use to fill either a pail, watering can, or, if you're smart, a really long hose.

I was invited this year to split the cost of a plot. We were actually going to pull two plots together. I had decided by late Winter that I would rather try my hand at my own little plot in my yard, conserve gas, and not be so greedy growing more than I could ever use.

I'd like some of their soil, though!


Shayne said...

for years I have looked for a community garden in Livonia. this year I asked at my yoga class and I was told about Greenmead and even with the name I only cam eup with your post. Thanks for this post and I hope to be hauling water to my very own carrots and cabbages with my 2 little ones

Georgia Street Community Garden - Detroit said...

You're very welcome. I love Greenmead. It's very peaceful and I'll take a veggie garden over flowers any day!